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Loan against property or LAP is a type of loan wherein a residential property either rented or self-occupied, commercial property or even a piece of land can be held as mortgage by the lender. The biggest advantage of these kinds of loans is that there is no restriction on the final use of the loan proceeds. LAPs are available in the form of overdraft or OD facility. The self-employed loan applicants benefit the maximum from these kinds of loans, as they can draw capital as per their fluctuating requirements. Also, the interest is charged only on the utilized funds. Delhi and her citizens are in huge need of these kinds of loans, as these loans get sanctioned easily and require the least documentation. Loan against property in Delhi NCR witnesses a growing graph every year.

Things to Know How To Avail Loan Against Property?

Finmans Loan Helps you getting Loan Against Property

Loans may be needed by any person at any day. The loans are of various types, but the basic classification is secured and unsecured. Mortgaging one’s own asset and that too a property with an appreciating value, is a great way to meet the personal funding requirements.

This is when the concept of loan against property started. One can actually get the loan, without actually selling off the assets and have to pay interest rates, which are much lower than other unsecured loans. If one is thinking of the best place to get loan against property in Delhi NCR, he should approach Finmans Loan.

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To apply for loan against property, people in Delhi can trust us blindly and we at Finmans Loan are ready for all kind of assistance. Keeping all kinds of constraint in mind, we ensure the best and fastest deal for our applicants.

Some points have to be kept in mind before one decides to apply for loan against property. We at Finmans Loan, guarantee that we will guide our loan applicants and customers through the entire process of loan getting sanctioned.

  • The low rate of interest is the USP behind the popularity of this type of loan. But, this loan should only be availed if there is no other purpose specific loan.
  • LAP should not be opted for small loan amounts, as keeping the property in lien for a small loan, does not make any sense.
  • LAPs do not have any tax benefits.
  • The processing time for LAPs is longer compared to other loans as all property related documents need time to get verified.

Features of Loan Against Property

Here is an exhaustive list of all the fees and charges to be paid for the education loan.

Quick approval

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Easy Loan Repayment

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100% Transparency

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Our Loan Against Property Products

If you know which productyou would like to apply for, choose one from below:

Fast Cash Against Property

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Flexible Credit Line

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Unsecured Term Loan

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Merchant Funding Loan

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Small Property owner

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Secured Loan Against Property

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